Steph’s in trouble

Angry Toadie sends Steph packing after hearing her request that they keep their distance from each other. But when Rebecca shows him the council minutes that implicate Steph in the warehouse collapse, Toadie keeps his bitterness in check and tips Steph off.

Stunned at the news, Steph investigates, and ends up confronting Councillor Jackie for using her proxy vote for such a dangerous decision. Later, Steph steals the council file containing some vital information, and Jackie demands she return it. But Steph refuses and gives the file to Toadie as a parting gesture before she leaves Ramsay Street in an effort to sort her head out.

Feeling rejected and isolated at home, Paul finds his ego boosted by Kirsten’s growing attention towards him. Paul ends up offering her a job at Lassiter’s and as they head for a drink together at Charlie’s, the chemistry develops between them.

Rachel agrees to tutor Declan after hours, but is annoyed by his insistence that they keep their meetings a secret. At their first secret study meeting, Rachel and Declan feel the first sparks of attraction.

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