Steph’s lapse causes tragedy for Charlie

Steph turns up to a charity meeting for breast cancer and soon realises Dr Olenski is the committee chair. Veronica Olenski gives her a mouthful and when Sam finds out Steph has been seeing a married man, she tells Steph she’s a hypocrite. Steph decides to resign from the committee and walk away from Greg. However, Greg’s insistent that he has moved out of his marital home and is staying at Lassiters.

Toadie turns up at Steph’s work with a sick Charlie, and Steph is forced to entertain him at the mechanic’s shop. Greg shows up not long after and they agree to end their relationship for good. But their moment is shattered when Charlie is involved in an accident at the shop while Steph’s back is turned.

Ty is upset about Rachel’s response after telling her he loves her and Dan and Lucas try to give him some advice. Rachel throws herself into her music career and insists that Toadie ring the record company to find out if they got her photos. When Toadie calls, he is shocked to learn they want Rachel to lose weight. Kelly urges Toadie to call the record company back and tell them to shove it, as a friend to Rachel. It’s crazy after all!

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