Michael tells Lyn that Dan has been in an accident, and Libby overhears. She rushes out of the store to ask Steph and Toadie if Dan is OK. Toadie replies that they don’t know but it is serious. Libby spots Lucas and heads over to where he is chatting with Michael. Lucas explains to them all that Dan wrapped his motorbike round a pole and is lucky to still be alive.

Libby asks if anyone is looking after him, and he explains that Dan wanted space before adding that there were some complications – Dan got an infection in hospital and as a consequence, won’t be able to have any kids. Libby is surprised at her own reaction to this, but Steph is presented with a new and terrible dilemma: should she tell Dan she’s carrying his baby?

Rebecca and Paul are enjoying a glass of wine when Diana enters the bar and says that she would like to talk business with Paul. Diana drags Paul out to the lake and offers him an ultimatum – resign or she will make their tryst public knowledge.

Paul has a rather smug look on his face and rejects her offer, hinting that she doesn’t have all the blackmail material she thinks she does. Diana frantically reviews the footage on her camera and sure enough, the recording fails just as Paul knocked on the hotel door.

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