Steph’s tormentor is revealed

Aaron is horrified when Paul reveals how he’s tried to drive Steph insane. But when Paul explains his fears that Steph may take Jimmy, Aaron starts to see why Paul want rid of her. He goes to say farewell to Steph at the garage, and his guilt grows, knowing Steph has been manipulated.

Thinking of Jimmy, Kyle apologises for his hurtful behaviour with Shay. It leads to the pair talking about what they want in a partner – both coming to the realisation that their ideal partner is standing right in front of them. Kyle clumsily leans in for a kiss and things suddenly heat up to the point of no return.

When Lauren tells Paige she’s broken things off with Brad, Imogen and Terese overhear and are stunned. When Brad tends to Terese’s burns, he admits all he wants to do is focus on the kids. Terese reassures him they’ll do it together but can’t help feeling a sense of vindication.