Steve accidentally sets Eileen up with Barry

Steve asks Stella to keep quiet for a few more days as he reveals the money for the sale of the pub is now sorted. Steve’s confident he’s giving Michelle exactly what she needs but as she stresses about her dad, who Steve seems to have accidentally set up with Eileen, Stella questions his surprise tactics.

As David tells Tina he has to know if Lily is his she warns him of the pitfalls, he wonders if he could he handle bringing up his brother’s child. David’s not sure, but he has to know and orders a DNA test. Meanwhile, Kylie’s growing increasingly insecure about the amount of time David is spending with Tina, but when she questions him about his whereabouts he lies, firing up Kylie’s suspicions further.

As Roy continues to plans a surprise trip to Blackpool Hayley’s desperate to know his secret.

Also, Carla’s not happy that Peter’s offered the PA’s role to Eva without consulting her but she outwardly supports his decision.