Becky and Steve are still at loggerheads and when Becky gets the devastating news that her mother has died she doesn’t feel she is able to talk to Steve about it. Oblivious, Steve hasn’t even noticed Becky is upset as he is too busy showing off his new motorbike to an appreciative Kelly.

Joe’s gone behind Gail’s back and made an appointment with a firm that buys houses for cash. He’s shocked when they make him a derisory offer but feels he has no choice but to accept. Audrey meanwhile is not impressed when Gail approaches her about renting out the salon flat to David and makes it clear to her daughter that she is not helping bail out Joe.

Graeme is still smitten with Rosie and asks her out on a date. But Rosie isn’t impressed however and has other things on her mind – like the fact that her boob job is booked in for tomorrow.

Also; Tyrone psyches himself up to ask Molly to give him another chance; Leanne suggests to Peter that they have a hard hats party to get people talking about the bar whilst it is being built.

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Gail is still reeling from the discovery that Joe was about to sell the house for a pittance, but there are more shocks to come when Joe decides to make a clean breast of it and tell her the full extent of his debts. He tries to reveal all as gently as possible, but knows that he will understand if she decides she can’t trust him again.

Kevin is furious that Rosie still plans to go ahead with the boob job despite what Sally is going through. He always knew his daughter was selfish but this is just taking things too far.

Kevin, at as loss what to do, decides his only option is to drown his sorrows in the Rovers. But yet more nasty surprises await him there when another of Rosie’s pictures has managed to find its way into a very public place.

Also, Steve is enjoying trying to wind up Becky by flirting openly in front of her and takes Kelly for a spin on the motorbike, before taking her into the back room for a drink. His behaviour is having little impact on Becky however as she privately mourns her mother’s death.

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