Steve‘s struggling to lay his hands on the 20,000 pounds he needs to pay Kylie. When it becomes clear that he doesn’t have the cash Kylie makes to leave, but Becky begs her for more time and she agrees to wait in the cafe. Once the couple are alone Steve reveals that their only option is to borrow the money against the Rovers.

John waits at Underworld and when he sees someone placing a wreath on the steps he pounces, but it’s soon clear that it’s a florist who has no idea who placed the order. He’s on edge as he heads out to find Charlotte, accusing her of sending the flowers, but it’s news to a horrified Charlotte. Meanwhile, Fiz is waiting for him at the hospital for her 20-week scan and there is also a letter waiting for them at home.

Claire’s adamant that she’ll take the kids to France alone. Ashley finally backs down and says he will go with her, but he’s stunned when Claire suggests it’s too late. As Ashley drowns his sorrows in the pub, Jack attempts some marriage counselling.

Also, Leanne asks Cheryl to work at the Joinery; Kevin struggles to listen to Tyrone’s incessant baby talk; Tyrone plans a surprise birthday party for Jack.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

John reels as he reads the letter he’s been sent. He desperately needs to speak to Charlotte, but Fiz has organised for Owen and Katy came to dinner in a bid to smooth relations. He needs to escape and when Owen criticises Ches he jumps down his throat, bringing the evening quickly to a close. Finally free he bumps into Charlotte, accusing her of sending the letter, but when she pulls out a carbon copy, John pales.

Steve’s worried about borrowing money against the pub. But seeing how desperate Becky is he agrees. As they hand over the cash at the 11th hour, Max rushes to Becky, but will Kylie really be able to leave her son?

Kevin and Molly have a heart to heart and he tells her he needs to know whether he is baby Jack’s father. Molly insists that Tyrone is the dad but Kevin won’t budge; he has been going through hell living over the road to what might be his child. He decides that Molly must take a DNA test.

Also, Liz bars Ciaran from the Rovers and she’s stunned as Michelle throws in the towel too, claiming she’s had a better offer from Carla; Rosie resolves to make Sophie’s 16th birthday party go with a bang.

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