Steve is still furious with Dan over his scratched cab. Dan is seething when Steve tells Kevin that Dan will be paying the bill for the repair job. Later, Dan leaves his mobile on the seat of his unlocked car and Steve steals it to teach him a lesson. Dan angrily confronts Steve, but Steve bars him from the pub and tells him he can have his phone back after he pays for the damaged car. Michelle has to intervene when the men have an angry set to in the street.

Jason promises Eileen that he’ll break the news to Becky that he wants to cool things, but he’s worried about hurting her and can’t bring himself to do it. Becky has sensed something’s not right and in a bid to keep him keen she splashes out on some new sexy underwear.

Gail and Tina collect a delighted David from the detention centre as he’s finally released. Gail is pleased at David’s mature attitude when he ignores Norris’s barbed comments as they arrive back in the street.

Also, Claire is frustrated when Steve and Michelle decide against buying the house and Ashley asserts they’ll have to go back to Plan A – selling to Sally.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Dan turns up at the Rovers after hours and tells Steve he wants to talk. Steve refuses to be reasonable and Dan snaps and lunges at the phone, catching Steve in the eye. Steve shoves Dan, who falls heavily into the bar. Steve throws Dan’s phone down the cellar steps and tells Dan to go and fetch then locks him in! Steve is smug as Dan hammers on the door, but when Dan’s hit by a sudden wave of pain – it’s clear that he’s suffered a serious injury in the fight…

David settles back into life on Coronation Street and he asks Audrey if she could take on Tina at the salon. Audrey makes it clear that she can’t take on Tina and she’s not taking David back either. David is surprisingly understanding about her decision, but Gail is fuming and tells her if she doesn’t want David in her salon, she doesn’t want Audrey in her house!

Jason is determined to try and cool things with Becky, but when she turns up at the house wearing nothing but her sexy new underwear he is powerless to resist!

Also, Ashley forces Claire to apologise to Sally; Tony arrives back and surprises Carla at the flat.