Steve and Eileen make a pact

Steve and Eileen reflect on their lives and loves on the last day of their holiday. Steve bemoans his atrocious luck with women following the last night’s mistake with Shania, while Eileen is furious when she gets a call from Jason, moaning at her for being away for his wedding planning with the vicar. Eileen thinks she has wasted the best days of her life on her kids – as well as on useless men – while Steve resolves that after a year of nightmare relationships, the only girl he wants in his life is daughter Amy. The two friends make a pact to be there for each other.

Sarah is nervous about the impending visit from the vicar and she and Gail tidy the house to make a good impression. When the vicar arrives, the wedding discussions get underway, but Jason is looking a little uncomfortable, especially when the vicar reminds him that marriage is for life.

Also, Norris learns that his ex-wife Angela has passed away and Rita convinces him to go to her funeral; Jason tells Sarah that he thinks David fancies Mel; and Janice is forced into making a decision with Roger that leaves Leanne feeling guilty.