Steve and Eileen sleep together!

Steve and Eileen arrive in Malta, but they get off to a bad start when the resort is packed and they have trouble finding somewhere to stay. Steve finally finds a room but the only one left is a double – with just one bed! Eileen is soon feeling more chirpy though when resort rep Aidan (Robin Askwith) takes a shine to her and gives her his number. When Steve gets drunk and passes out on the bed, Eileen can’t face a night on the floor and climbs in next to him!

Ashley is shaken when Casey turns up at the butcher’s, but she assures him that she’s not expecting anything. Casey visits Claire and invites herself to dinner and Ashley feels awkward. Casey later confronts Ashley and warns him not to expect her to stop being friends with Claire.

Jason is fed up when both Gail and Sarah give him earache about moving ahead with the wedding plans. He’s also fed up when he gets home and realises that Eileen has disappeared to Malta.

Also, Leanne is chuffed when the Italian has it’s most successful sitting for lunch since she took over.