Steve and Eva race after Rob and Michelle!

Steve’s glum after spending the night at Lloyd’s, aware he has some serious grovelling to do with Michelle. Rob collars him and tells him he knows he was behind the prank and he’s going to take Michelle off him. Steve simmers as Rob convinces Michelle they need to go to Sheffield to win back the client they lost due to Steve’s actions. Michelle agrees. As they leave, with Michelle looking a million dollars, Steve’s imagination runs riot and he decides to stop Rob before he makes his move on Michelle. Convincing Eva there’s something going on, the pair set off for Sheffield.

Rob annoys Sally’s when he leaves Kirsty in charge of the office while he and Michelle head to Sheffield. Sally tells him that that’s her job, but he tells her firmly he needs her at her machine. A fuming Sally tells Kirsty she shouldn’t get any ideas above her station.

Stella learns that Leanne’s received a voicemail from Peter to say that their divorce has come through. She surprised by her daughter’s reaction and that Leanne hasn’t told Nick about it.

Also, Owen guesses that Tommy is unhappy that Tina is pregnant; Maria is stung when Marcus introduces her to his boss as his ‘best friend’.