Steve and Miranda worry about Bridget

Steve and Miranda aren’t convinced by Bridget’s revelation that she has an unrequited crush on Angus, and worry that there’s something more to it. Meanwhile, Declan doesn’t believe the rumours flying around school and realises what’s been going on between about Angus and Rachel. When Steve accosts Angus at school, all hell is set to break loose, until Declan reveals that it is in fact Rachel who has the crush on Angus.

Libby is all ready to confront Janae at Steph’s but is stopped in her tracks by the sight of a meek and distraught Janae. Later, Darren and Libby break the news about their split to an angry Ben and Darren has some work to do to patch things up with his stepson before he bids him farewell.

With her relationship with Ned on the rocks, Janae goes to the Parkers to try to speak to him, but is turned away due to the dramas with Bridget.

Rosie forces Carmella to decide whether to let Marco walk away, and it seems she has to make her mind up sharpish when Frazer reveals he has just dropped Marco off at the airport for an indefinite trip.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 21*

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