The Barlows pull out all the stops to give Amy a great birthday, but most of her friends are no shows and the adults are forced to join in the party games. When Tracy and Steve settle Amy down for bed, they’re left to relax in each other’s company. It’s not long before their flirting turns into something more and they kiss passionately…

Fiz is finding it tough providing for herself and Chesney and when she catches Cilla and Les frittering away cash on a slot machine she is furious. Fiz drags Kirk round to the Battersby house and they steal all Les and Cilla’s shopping before making a quick getaway. Cilla is furious when she finds out!

Jason has roped Bill into helping him out on the shop refit and he’s cocky with Jodie when she comes round to inspect their work. But he’s left wrong-footed when Jodie makes it clear that she’s happy with the progress – though it’s Bill’s abilities that she’s confident in – not Jason’s!

Also, Liam gets stick for his fling with Joanne; Norris’s nose is still out of joint about Rita’s continuing friendship with Doreen.