Blanche is riled when she discovers that Tracy is going on another date with her mystery man and she decides to give him a call after getting his number from Tracy’s mobile. Tracy is furious when she discovers she’s been stood up and she calls a taxi. Steve comes to pick her up and takes her for a drink. At the end of the evening, Steve drops her home and they start to kiss.

Kelly is still convinced that Liam is after her and she goes on about it in front of an infuriated Joanne. Carla is annoyed when she realises that Kelly’s mind isn’t on the job, but Liam is completely oblivious!

Sean is unhappy that Sonny is lying to Michelle about his past relationships and he tells Sonny that he’s going to spill the beans. Michelle realises that Sean is behaving in a shifty manner but she doesn’t click what it’s about.