Steve bans Liz and Lloyd from the wedding!

Becky is counting the days till her wedding and amuses Steve with her efforts to memorise her last few hours as a single woman. Becky gives in to Liz‘s insistence that she has a hen night and excitedly arrives at the Rovers with Hayley just in time to hear that half the pub, including Lloyd, are having a bet on the wedding not happening. Becky is devastated and goes to find Steve, who wastes no time in telling his mum and best friend what he thinks of them – and barring them from the wedding!

Tina doesn’t know that Gail and her dad have split and she confides in Gail about her dad’s previous problems with depression. Tina asks Gail to look after him as she’s leaving the street, and Gail feels guilty.

Ken tells Peter that he has to stay off the booze and start behaving like a responsible adult for Simon’s sake. Peter takes it on board and in a bid to prove that he is a good dad, he buys Simon a pet rabbit. But he’s unimpressed that Simon wants to call it Leanne!

Also, Ken fesses up to Ted about his kiss with Martha. Ted advises him to make a quick decision about what he’s going to do next.

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