Steve begs Nick to keep his secret

Nick turns nasty in Coronation Street as he pressures Steve to tell Michelle about Leanne's baby.

Nick drives Steve to a waste ground and confronts him about the baby. Steve’s horrified, but swears that his life is with Michelle. Meanwhile, Leanne panics when she finds out that Nick and Steve headed off together in Nick’s car. Nick types a text to Michelle telling her that Steve’s the father of Leanne’s baby and threatens to send it unless Steve promises to move away. Will Steve agree?

Sean vows revenge when he overhears Todd’s booked a night at a hotel for him and Billy.

Beth’s put out to discover Kirk’s avoiding her, meanwhile Sally hates having Craig on the sofa but Tim insists he’s got nowhere else to go.

Audrey and Maria have made it through to the final of the Regional Stylists’ Awards. Bethany asks Gary to come to a school meeting with Lauren and Lauren’s Mum.