Steve bids for the Timmins’ house

Steve ends up bidding against Marco and Tim Collins for the Timmins house. To his dismay, Steve reaches his limit and pulls out of the bidding, and Marco and Carmella soon follow, leaving developer Tim Collins seemingly free to get his hands on the property. But Steve spontaneously ends up making a shock bid way above his agreed spending limit, and the Parkers win the house. Bridget and Riley celebrate, but Ned is furious at Steve who nervously wonders how to break the news to Miranda…

As Libby lays her painful past in Shepparton to rest, Steph and Libby discuss Steph’s relationship issues with Toadie. Steph returns to Erinsborough with renewed determination to be upfront with Toadie about marriage. Meanwhile, Toadie is feeling sorry for himself, convinced that Steph will never agree to marry him, and decides it’s time to make a stand, even if it means losing Steph. When Steph returns, Toadie is shocked at her intention to make a very public announcement.

Elle is angry at Riley for inadvertently causing her anxiety attack at the warehouse and vows never to speak to him again. When Riley confirms to Paul that there’s a problem with Elle, he vows to do something to help his daughter.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 7*

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