Steve collapses!

Steve is feeling increasingly ill as he battles his mystery illness. But he’s unaware that he’s suffering the nasty effects of Nicola’s drastic plan in the form of a tainted lasagne to get rid of him and secure her place in Miranda’s life. Later, Steve collapses, writhing in pain.

Ringo and Declan’s competitiveness boils over during the semi-final football match, and their on-field collision leaves Ty with an injured hand, which could put his music career in jeopardy. Will Ty be able to play guitar again? Meanwhile, Bridget demands to know why her dad made Ringo captain rather than Declan.

Lou is upset when Sienna considers heading over to Italy to visit Rosie and Frazer, suspecting she’ll never return. He launches a plan to play matchmaker for Sienna and Logan and keep her at the General Store, and is thrilled when it seems to work. Logan apologises to Sienna for his past behaviour towards her and the pair seal their feelings with a kiss.

Also, Ringo asks Donna how things are with his dad, but she fails to take the opportunity to tell him the truth.

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