Lloyd is annoyed when he discovers that Michelle has told the world about Steve‘s secret proposal. Lloyd confesses to Becky that things have got out of hand and he’s terrified of Steve’s reaction when he gets back. Steve returns and tries to tackle Lloyd but Michelle gets to him first. Steve is even more disturbed when he discovers Becky working behind the bar.

Sally tells the factory girls about Tony’s offer on the garage and Kevin’s refusal to sell. She asks Rosie to keep an ear out for any important information, not realising that Rosie has already sold them down the river. Tony introduces Carla to his mechanic mate and reveals that Jimmy is his latest weapon to wear down Kevin as Jimmy has agreed to undercut Kevin’s prices and steal his clients.

Dev has a begrudging admiration for Tony and his business tactics so he is less than impressed when Norris talks to him about how ‘the small fish’ like himself and Dev should swim together to out-manoeuvre the Tonys of the world. Dev is galled to be compared to Norris rather than the successful Tony!

Also, Clarissa demands even more from Lloyd; Deirdre feels left out when Ken wallows in the past.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is like a rabbit caught in the headlights as he tries to get to the bottom of what has been going on while he has been away, but Lloyd avoids him. Becky is not so lucky but she insists she is staying put and that they should forget about what happened. Steve is stunned when he realises Maria and Liam know about the ‘proposal’ and when he finally tracks down Lloyd he is fuming. Steve tells Lloyd he doesn’t want to get married again and accuses him of ruining everything.

Carla and Tony survey Tony’s business empire and he tells her he plans to make 10 million quid and retire by his 42nd birthday, despite glitches like Kevin. Carla is impressed with Tony’s determination and she assures him that she wants to be around to celebrate that birthday with him.

Ken is apprehensive about his school reunion and once he’s there he feels even more ashamed at how his life has turned out when he is forced to admit that he still lives in the same house he lived in with his parents. Ken enjoys catching up with his old friends but it just highlights for him how little he has done with his life.