Steve gets ‘lucky’!

Steve wakes up with a stonking hangover and he’s worried when he finds Eileen in bed with him! Eileen can’t resist winding him up and she pretends she can’t remember anything about the evening before. Steve cheers up when they go out to a karaoke bar and he’s chatted up by a sexy woman called Shania. But when he invites her back to the room he’s stunned to discover that ‘she’ is actually a ‘he’!

Claire gets paranoid when she hears some of the neighbours talking about the fire at their house and she refuses to go out to the Rovers, convinced that everyone thinks she started it. A frustrated Ashley goes on his own, but he returns home drunk and even more riddled with guilt for betraying Claire with Casey.

Sarah is worried about losing the church she wants for the wedding when Jason says he hasn’t been able to check with his mum. Audrey and Maria encourage her to go ahead and book it anyway, and she won’t hear any arguments from Jason.

Also, Roger’s been off work with an injury and confides in Janice that he’s too skint to pay his rent.