Nicola receives good news from the hospital that it is likely she is clear of HIV. Callum and Toadie try to help her celebrate but Nicola wants to share her good news with her family. She confesses to Toadie that it’s best she doesn’t see much of Steve because she still has strong feelings for him. Miranda and Steve arrive for a celebration and Nicola can’t hide the way she feels. And her strong feelings don’t go unnoticed by Steve who warns her to move on or leave town for good.

Donna manages to allay Ringo’s fears about being in a ‘borrowed’ police car when she initiates a heavy make out session in the back seat. But everything goes wrong when Donna’s dad, Matt Freedman, catches them and sends Ringo home in only his boxer shorts.

Later, Susan and Karl try to counsel Ringo by telling him not to take advantage of the emotionally vulnerable Donna. Ringo tries to explain that he just wants to be Donna’s friend but she assumes he is dumping her. Hurt by Ringo’s perceived rejection, Donna rebels and takes off again in her father’s police car.