Steve goes for help

Out in the bush, Steve has run from the scene of the accident to find help for his family, but gets lost along the way. Battling his own injuries, Steve is relieved when a car comes along and he manages to get back to the crash site to rescue Miranda. But there is no sign of Bridget and baby India…

Kate accepts Declan’s help to sort out her finances, and she invites him to hang out with her and her family. He’s really missing Didge and Indy and, having alienated all his friends, he needs to keep busy. When they get to number 24, Kate freaks out when she sees Harry and Sophie playing a game he has bought without consulting her first.

Declan decides he shouldn’t put off making amends with his friends any longer and goes to find Ringo and Zeke. When he gets to the Kennedy house, he finds Harry playing the keyboard and a fight breaks out between them.

Later, Declan attempts to call Bridget again, but there is still no answer. When Toadie comes to see if he is okay, Declan admits that he hates being on his own and that he’s worried something has happened to the Parkers.