Steve has his first therapy session (VIDEO)

Sinead’s convinced she’ll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. But when Chesney arrives at the hospital with Agnes in tow, Sinead’s lifted to see her great grandmother. As Chesney sits on Sinead’s bed, he lays a hand on her leg and Sinead’s convinced she can feel something. Meanwhile, Steve attends his first session with the therapist and admits how he feels he’s let everyone down and blames himself for the minibus crash.

Quickly covering the flat details, Eva makes out Tony gave her a lift back from town and she invited him in for a beer by way of thanks. Jason’s mollified. Jason confides in Todd how he found Eva in the flat with Tony and is convinced they were keeping something from him. Todd takes the opportunity to stir things and as Jason mulls over Todd’s words, his jealousy grows.

Sophie distracts Norris while Maddie picks up Norris’s mobile and dials the speaking clock. Norris is furious when he uncovers the prank, but Maddie and Sophie simply fall about laughing.

Anna and Owen row over his constant digs at Gary. David’s uneasy when Katy drops Max back with David and tells him about Callum’s visit.