Steve Hewitt’s family threaten to sue

Steve Hewitt’s family is threatening court action, blaming Ric’s zero-tolerance policy for his death, and Connie sees this as a chance to push for the director of surgery position. On discovering that Annalese had failed a breath test and Ric had kept quiet, Connie urges Jayne to come clean to Hewitt’s lawyers. She agrees and it looks like Annalese could be charged with manslaughter.

Meanwhile, Martha organises a picnic for Elliot in an effort to try and get him to bond with Ben. But her plan fails and the picnic goes badly as Elliot struggles to accept that his daughter is now married and that he didn’t get to walk her down the aisle. As Elliot walks off, he’s chased by his dog, Samson, who is run over by an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Daisha and her sister, Lalaine, have taken over Mark’s flat, leaving Mark feeling somewhat pushed out. The situation worsens for Mark when Daisha and Lalaine decide to take baby Joe out of the creche so Lalaine can care for him full-time.

And Jac doesn’t react when she overhears Joseph telling Elliot that he and Faye have set a date for their wedding. She’s moved on.