*One-hour episode*

Steve creeps to the top of the cellar stairs in the morning to gloat about his prank on Dan and he’s startled by an interruption from Michelle, who demands to know what he’s up to. Steve fobs her off with a story about finding a rat and she makes a hasty departure. Steve is horrified to find Dan in pain at the bottom of the stairs and he’s forced to call an ambulance.

Dan has an emergency op for a ruptured spleen and lies to Leanne and Harry that Steve knew he was injured but deliberately left him in the cellar overnight. Steve is stunned when he’s arrested on suspicion of assault and unlawful imprisonment!

Jason lies to Becky that he’s spending he evening with David to get out of hanging out with her. Becky isn’t put off so easily and prepares a romantic meal. Becky is hurt when she speaks to David and discovers that Jason lied to her and she realises she’s being fobbed off.

Also, Vernon is paranoid that Liz may have a guilty secret; Tina gets a job in the kebab shop; Jerry returns home but Mel is dismayed when Teresa convinces Jerry to let her stay.