Becky faces court and is sure that without Steve’s testimony she will go down. Meanwhile, Steve can’t shake the guilt about leaving Becky in the lurch and he manages to make his excuses from Michelle‘s family party and rush to the court. Steve takes the stand and is dumbstruck when he sees Blanche in the public gallery, but committed to helping Becky he gives a heartfelt character witness and alibi. Becky is acquitted and as the two celebrate they find themselves locked in a passionate kiss!

Tony is surprised and delighted when Carla arrives home unexpectedly, but he knows he will now have to come clean about taking the money from the account. Carla rather likes this new vulnerable side to Tony and after he takes her out for a romantic meal she turns the tables on him and proposes.

Gary and Len have come up with a plan to get their own back on the Platts. Waiting till the coast is clear they sneak into the house and a stunned Gail returns to find she now doesn’t have a kitchen!

Also, Norris has a date with a fellow competition addict; Hayley gets an interview for a job at the youth centre.