Steve is horrified by Liz and Lloyd’s antics

Steve is desperately trying to get out of the trip to Ireland and Michelle is starting to wonder if he is trying to dump her. Liz and Poppy do their best to reassure her, but Liz is not convinced and grills Steve about what he is up to. Steve finally confesses about Becky and his furious mum tells him to get it sorted. Meanwhile, Liz still has a secret of her own and when Steve calls at Lloyd’s for some male advice on what to do about Becky and Michelle he has no idea that his mum is hiding behind the sofa!

Amber and Dev are not seeing eye to eye and when Amber pushes him too far he tells her that she can fend for herself and sort out her own 18th birthday. Tara comforts her, convinced that Dev’s behaviour is down to her.

Leanne and Peter avoid heavy conversation although Peter tries to convince her he hasn’t got a drink problem. When he tries to kiss her she tells him that she would rather keep their relationship professional.

Also, Molly is still convinced there is nothing wrong with Jackie and she’s faking her ‘exploded’ breast implant.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve can smell familiar perfume at Lloyd’s and is trying to guess the identity of Lloyd’s new woman. But as he goes to leave he spots Liz’s keys and it all falls into place! Steve finds Liz hiding behind the sofa and demands to know what is going on. The two men almost come to blows. Steve storms home and Michelle tries to make him see the funny side.

Becky has confided in Hayley about her relationship with Steve and the fact that he is breaking things off with Michelle this evening. Meanwhile, back at the pub, Steve can’t work up the courage to tell Michelle they’re finished. As the night drags on with no Steve, Becky realises she has been let down yet again.

Joe tries to hide the seriousness of his cash flow problems from Gail and is embarrassed when Tyrone twice finds him sitting in the car doing nothing. Later, Joe has to do some quick thinking when Tyrone mentions seeing him as he told Gail he was at a trade fair.

Also, Jackie escapes a grilling from Molly over her imaginary illness when Molly has to rush off after finding out her dad’s in hospital.

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