Steve is in denial

Angry Steve is in denial after the shocking revelation that Jim isn’t his father and finally admits to his family that he is hurt by Jim’s confession. Determined to get to the truth, Steve hears Jim out, but is stunned to learn that his real dad was Jim’s best mate Gary, and Jim was the man responsible for the death of Gary in Vietnam.

After Steph gently chides her for ‘giving up’ on her life, Libby agrees to go clubbing with Ty, only to encounter Dan and Samantha. Dan and Libby stare at each other throughout the evening, and, when she’s out of earshot, Dan tells Ty to be careful with Libby because she is fragile.

Meanwhile, Sam feels insecure after witnessing Dan’s jealousy over Libby and vows to stop taking her medication in a bid to get pregnant and give Dan the future she thinks he wants. Later, Libby and Ty almost share a passionate moment, but are interrupted by Steph.

Also, Oliver suggests to Elle that as they are back together, they should get a place together, but Elle isn’t so sure.