Steve is stunned by Jim’s revelation

Despite his reservations, Steve agrees to let Jim come on the family fishing trip. But Steve is unaware that Jim has fallen off the wagon and returned to drink. He is furious when Jim raises the topic of Steve’s childhood and the pair have a angry row. Fuelled by alcohol, Jim takes out his frustrations on Lou and then Riley, which forces Steve to take a stand. As Steve clashes with his father, he’s stunned when Jim makes the announcement that Steve isn’t his son.

After confessing to Libby that she’d like to give Dan a child, Sam’s mothering instincts kick in when she and Dan babysit Chloe. When Chloe is stung by a bee, Dan is thrilled by how capably Sam handles the drama. And Sam’s confidence in how she dealt with things sees her make the radical decision to stop taking her bi-polar medication.

Karl is surprised when Taylah comes to him to request the contraceptive pill and senses that there’s more to Taylah’s request than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Zeke demands to know what’s going on.

Also, Ben questions Libby about her relationship with Ty.

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