Steve keeps the truth from Becky

Michelle is chipper after a night of passion with Steve, while Becky is at the cafe and feeling sad and lonely as she waits to hear from her lover. Hayley suggests things might be taking a little longer than expected so when Steve finally arrives Becky doesn’t give him a chance to explain and drags him into the bedroom. A cowardly Steve lets Becky think he’s dumped Michelle and asks her to stay away from the Rovers.

Joe’s business is going down the tubes and when David asks him for his wages he tells him that he’d be better going to the job centre. Joe asks Bill if he has any labouring work going on the building project, but asks Bill to tell people he is kitchen fitting.

Molly tells Tyrone that her dad is OK, but he won’t be well enough to attend their wedding and she asks Pam to give her away. When Jackie appears with her bags packed they are all glad they are finally going to see the back of her – but Molly has a change of heart and agrees that she can stay.

Also, Dev worries that Amber will be disappointed with her 18th birthday present.

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