Steve loses control of the minibus!

When Andrea can’t find a driver to take the factory girls to the awards ceremony, Steve volunteers. A drunken Beth gets left behind, while Tracy takes Izzy’s spot alongside Carla, Alya, Julie, Michelle, Sally, Sean, Sinead, Maddie and Kirk. When Steve fails to show up for his doctor’s appointment Liz is furious. Back on the minibus, Kirk realises he’s picked up Beth’s phone by mistake. A mobile rings under one of the seats and undoing her seat belt, Sinead reaches out to get it. But as the minibus speeds along, some boy racers cut them up causing Steve to swerve off the road. The minibus crashes and flips on its side.

Alya offers to accompany Gary to court, but he insists she mustn’t miss her night out with the factory girls and Anna and Izzy will be with him anyway.
When Luke overhears Michael commenting on Steph eating for two now, he’s horrified to realise his sister’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Steph tells Gavin how she hates having to lie, but Gavin insists it’s the only way until Michael has had his heart operation.

Roy struggles as he starts his community service under Yasmeen’s beady eye.