Michelle is surprised when Leanne and Steve join forces to help her nail Will as her stalker. They hatch a plan to get him out of the house for a business meeting with Michelle. Lifting his keys from his pocket, Michelle gives them to Steve who makes a copy and heads to the house with Leanne to find evidence whilst she keeps Will busy at the Bistro. But will they get the evidence and get out of the house before he returns?

Things are looking bleak at Underworld after Eva failed to persuade Adam to cancel his plans to ruin Aidan. Is this the end of Underworld – can Aidan and Johnny do anything to get the business back on track? As the workers start to hear rumours about what led to the close of the factory accusations fly and Aidan is public enemy number one.

Audrey explains she’d like to offer Bethany an apprenticeship as a beautician at the salon, but with her confidence still low, how will Bethany react?