Steve McDonald proposes to Leanne!

Steve McDonald thinks he and Leanne could make it work!

Toyah and Eva persuade a Leanne to have a night out, but when she returns home dressed to the nines, and admits that she’d rather have a night in with a DVD, Steve McDonald’s thrilled. When Leanne then presents him with County shirts for himself and Oliver, Steve asks a stunned Leanne to marry him.

When Michelle overhears Alya telling Kate how Robert asked Luke to fix Michelle’s car window, Michelle rails at Robert for lying to her yet again.

Asha and Aadi decide to take revenge on Eva and drop water bombs from the Underworld balcony. Unfortunately they hit Liz and Dev is livid.

Having assured Maria she’s totally cool with her seeing Will, Michelle suggests they all meet in the bistro for a drink together. When Billy sets about building a robot, Summer finds herself showing him what to do.