As Steve attends a bail hearing to answer his manslaughter charges, Bridget vows to stand up in court and take responsibility for Chris Knight’s accidental death. Although she interjects and interrupts the judge during proceedings, Steve manages to silence her, before pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Steve is granted bail and asks his family to start preparing for life without him. Outside court, life doesn’t get any easier for Steve and Miranda as they are forced to deal with the consequences of Steve’s arrest in the community.

Unable to dismiss his gut instinct that Steve isn’t guilty, Declan launches his own investigation. And he is stunned to find Bridget’s pendant necklace from Chris at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, realising she has lost her necklace, a panicking Bridget returns to the scene and spots Declan with the pendant.

Dan’s subconscious betrays him when he dreams about having a baby with Libby and his feelings of guilt threaten to destabilise his relationship with Samantha.

Also, Ned is preoccupied and upset about Steve’s predicament, so is grateful when Kirsten explains to Mickey what’s happened and offers her support.

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