Steve is desperate to see Becky after their passionate kiss, but feels guilty when Michelle thanks him for helping with her parents’ anniversary. When Jason waltzes into the Rovers with a gift for Becky, Steve embarrasses her with an outburst about what a rat Jason was. Becky is stunned when Steve later confronts her and tells her that he’s in love with her and will leave Michelle to be with her!

Sally is surprised when Tony announces that he and Carla are getting married. She tells Kevin, who is also shocked, but tells her they should forget all about the video, but he isn’t keen on Carla paying Rosie a visit.

Hayley worries about her interview at the youth centre and tells Roy she won’t get the job. Hayley knows that a criminal record check will turn up the time she and Roy ‘kidnapped’ foster son Wayne to stop him going back to a violent home, but Roy insists they would be fools not to employ her.

Also, Joe and David prepare to rebuild the kitchen after the Windasses’ handy work, while Gail wants rid of Graeme; Dev is forced to offer Tina a pay rise to come back to the kebab shop.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky can’t believe that Steve has told her he loves her and gives him every opportunity to back out, but Steve convinces her that he’s serious. But family life soon takes over as he’s confronted with Michelle and her family worrying about Maria’s baby scan. Meanwhile, Michelle, Barry and Helen go with Maria to the hospital for her scan and Maria is terrified after what happened during her last pregnancy, but she is relieved to discover that everything is fine.

Deirdre returns home from France and is greeted by Peter and Simon, but is surprised when they disappear as soon as Ken arrives. Ken and Blanche fill her in on what has happened while she has been away and Deirdre insists that they’re still going to be part of Simon’s life.

Rosie is smug when Carla and Tony visit, as she knows she has them both in the palm of her hand. Carla has no choice but to agree when Rosie asks for a pay rise and Tony asks Rosie to man the office when he takes Carla on honeymoon.

Also, Hayley’s left disappointed on the job front, while Graeme gets good news; Tina catches Joe arguing with his card company.