Steve realises Nicola’s faking it

Bridget is frustrated by Miranda’s decision not to tell Nicola about her past and ends up spilling the beans to Nicola herself. Nicola is shocked to hear the truth, but is relieved when Miranda forgives her. Steve agrees to stand by Miranda’s decision to give her sister the benefit of the doubt, but is later stunned to witness cunning Nicola’s mask slip.

Dan and Libby are blissfully happy as their rejuvenated romance heats up and plan a holiday together to celebrate. Meanwhile, Steph is upset to learn that Jay Duncan’s sentencing hearing is coming up and she has been asked to give a Victim Impact Statement either in person or through the court. Libby unselfishly cancels her holiday to be with Steph, but Steph refuses to sabotage their happiness and instead books herself a trip to Shelley Bay to be with her mum for a while.

Carmella and Ringo receive news that Frazer and Rosie have had a baby boy in Italy. Meanwhile, Ringo’s affection for Carmella causes her to question his intentions towards her. Ringo maintains he only wants to be a good friend.

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