Steve’s stag do goes badly wrong

Liz assures Michelle her job will be safe when Travis Ltd take over the pub, but Michelle’s still concerned and confides in Carla. Meanwhile, Steve admits he can’t face his stag do and the thought of going on a minibus so soon after the crash. Gary, Jason, Lloyd, Sean and Tyrone decide to go to Liverpool without him. But the night falls flat when Lloyd overhears the others complaining about the evening and storms off. Tyrone goes after him and the drunken pair find themselves aboard a Norwegian fishing trawler!

Back in the pub the women attend Michelle’s hen night and Carla offers to buy Liz’s half of the pub.

Sarah tries to apologise to David for the trouble Bethany has caused, but David gives her short shrift, telling her they should have stayed in Italy.

Kal suggests to Zeedan he should consider becoming a PE teacher.

Maddie shocks Sophie by suggesting they get a place of their own.