Steve struggles and cuts short his return to work

Steve’s upbeat ahead of his shift at Street Cars but Michelle wonders if he’s pushing himself too hard. As he works on the switch in the cab office, the pressure of the job and Andrea’s incessant wittering soon take their toll and he leaves early. Returning to the pub, Steve discovers he mixed up the barrels and feeling utterly useless, he heads off to bed. Later, he admits to Michelle how tough a day it’s been and she’s sympathetic, realising he faces a long road to recovery.

Izzy refuses to meet with Linda but intrigued to hear what she has to say, Katy secretly invites her over to the flat. Linda assures Katy she’s always loved both her and Izzy, that she made mistakes and just wants a chance to put things right. As Katy sees Linda out, Owen spots them and gutted by Katy’s betrayal he angrily heads over.

Dev asks Mary if she’ll step in and look after the children while he’s away. Mary’s flattered and assures Dev she won’t let him down, leaving Julie feeling pushed out.

Sharif is thrilled to find more eggs in the hen coop.