Steve takes the rap for Bridget

Bridget knows she has to tell police about her traumatic evening with Chris, but is too scared. Eventually, the police arrive to question her, but rather than clear her name, nervous Bridget makes matters worse. Her flustered attitude prompts a protective Steve to make a rash decision to save his daughter by confessing to a crime he didn’t commit.

Paul refuses to believe Rebecca is the blackmailer, but when he receives another demand, he wonders if it’s time to face facts. When Elle hears of a chance encounter with Lyn Scully, another wronged woman from Paul’s past, she puts two and two together and confronts Lyn. Outraged Steph hotly defends her mum, but she’s staggered when Lyn admits she’s guilty as charged.

Worried about having a relapse without her medication, Samantha seeks Karl’s advice. But when Dan spots her, he worries that Sam has been making important plans without him.

When Sienna is fired for theft as a result of Carmella’s shopping addiction, Oliver pushes Carmella to be honest. Carmella struggles to come clean and buys Sienna’s silence with the spoils of her outing and the promise to help her get her job back.

Also, Riley is riddled with guilt after Bridget discovers his secret affair with Nicola.

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