Steve tells Liz to back off in Corrie!

Steve tells his mum to keep her nose out, worried that she will jeopardise his relationship with Michelle

Michelle puts pressure on Steve to find out what’s bothering Liz. He lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can’t disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can’t risk losing Michelle.

Caz is disappointed when Maria tells her that grateful though she is, she’d like her to find somewhere else to stay. As Maria comforts Liam and promises him the burglar won’t come back, her phone rings, but there’s nobody there. Is Caz behind the call?

Aidan asks for volunteers for overtime, but the girls refuse and accuse the management of spying on them. Sally leads the girls out on strike, but will Johnny cave?

Phelan’s relieved when Eileen promises to transfer the £65k today while Todd’s clearly disappointed. Can he change Eileen’s mind?