Steve tries to woo back Michelle

Steve has had a sleepless night worrying about what Michelle has been getting up to with her friend JD and when he lets himself into the pub in the morning he is devastated to find them enjoying breakfast. Steve chucks JD out and a furious Michelle insists JD is a friend and he slept on the sofa. But Steve is fuming and tells her that she is out of order bringing JD back and he insists that either they get back together or she moves out.

Tina is still avoiding David and Jerry is less than impressed when David turns up at the kebab shop to talk to her and orders 10 kebabs before putting stools in front of the door so Tina can’t escape! Tina is furious that he has shown her up at work and she books an appointment at his salon in town to exact her revenge. David is stunned when Tina turns up at the salon for her appointment and makes a nuisance of herself.

Molly is surprised when she gets in to find that Pam has dreamt up another bonkers moneymaking idea and has started a pickle business in their kitchen!

Also, Jerry is starting to feel the effects of Teresa’s poisoning.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David’s bosses are furious as Tina continues to show him up and make a scene in front of the salon clients. Tina is smug, but David ends up getting the sack and they both find themselves thrown out onto the street. Standing in the street with wet hair Tina is amused at first, but when realisation dawns she storms off leaving David jobless and heartbroken once more.

Micgelle is stunned by Steve’s ultimatum, but he explains that their fall out is hurting the kids and if she can’t forgive and forget then she and Ryan need to leave by the end of the week. Ryan overhears and is devastated and it gives Michelle food for thought. Becky tries to smooth the waters and tells Michelle that Steve is a good bloke and she would be silly to throw it all away over one mistake. Michelle tells a delighted Steve that she will give him another chance.

Jerry is pleased when Ashley offers to cook him a casserole for his tea, but Teresa is irritated. Keen to continue with her bid to poison Jerry she waits until Ashley leaves before crushing a pill into the food.

Also, Molly loses her engagement ring and Gail and Joe enjoy a secret date.