Steve’s annoyed to discover that he’s been set up on his birthday and his passenger is Michelle. He tells Michelle that he’s a waste of space and lists all the mistakes in his life. However, Michelle persuades Steve to attend his party and he makes a solemn vow to change his ways.

Gary’s horrified to discover Alya is Kal’s daughter and taking her to one side he begs her not to tell Izzy of their one night stand. Later, Izzy drags him out for a drink with Katy and Alya and when Alya corners him in the Rovers backyard, Gary is forced to question his relationship with Izzy.

Gail’s horrified when an embarrassed Michael shows her the love letter which she supposedly wrote to him and she’s furious when she finds out it was Kylie who wrote it as a joke.

Also, Tracy admires Tina’s charm bracelet and claims it as her own; and Sally’s peeved when Carla tells her she can apply for the new PA role as Sally assumed it would be hers.