Steve and Miranda are shocked and upset when they find out about daughter Bridget’s pregnancy. Angry, they turn on Karl and Rebecca because they found out about it before they did. When Karl points out to Steve it may be his fault his daughter didn’t feel she could come to him, Steve realises he could lose Bridget forever if he doesn’t give her the support she really needs at such a difficult time. However, Bridget shocks both Miranda and Steve with a fateful decision that she has made in light of Declan’s disappearance.

Toadie begs Paul not to print Kelly’s photos that Callum emailed him, and to Toadie’s relief, Paul relents. But when the paper hits the street the next day, Kelly’s past is unveiled on page three of the Erinsborough News for all to see and Callum’s vicious meddling has clearly had serious consequences for a devastated Kelly when she announces that she has been suspended from her job as teacher.

Ringo tries his hardest to assure Donna that she’s not going to lose him to AFL groupies like Sharni. To prove this to her he buys her a friendship ring to show his commitment to her.

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