Steve wins over Becky – eventually!

Liz is furious with Becky for throwing a customer out of the pub even if it was Kelly and she tells Poppy about Steve’s previous fiancees then upsets Becky by declaring she’s the roughest of the lot. Becky cheers up when Steve arrives with her engagement ring, now altered to fit her finger. Becky excitedly shows it off, but she is gutted when Michelle sees it and points out that it was the ring Steve originally bought for her.

Joe tells Gail, David and Tina that he has accepted the kitchen-fitting job and they are happy for him, not realising that he’s struck a deal with Len. Tina feels under pressure when Joe talks to her again about telling the truth in court and after seeing David trying to pick another fight with Gary she decides to get away from Weatherfield for a while.

Eileen is pleased when she sees her old friend Paula Carp leaving Julie and Kirk’s and she insists that they go for a drink. She is surprised when Paula reveals the reason she left school so suddenly was that she found out she was pregnant.

Also, Kevin and Sally are pressured by Sophie to give up something for Lent and agree to go teetotal!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky feels humiliated after discovering that her engagement ring is second hand, throws it at Steve and storms out to cry on Roy and Hayley’s shoulders. Steve realises he has screwed up big time and takes a folder over to Becky, who finds details of the wedding inside. Becky is touched and agrees to give Steve another chance.

David is devastated that Tina has walked out and left him and leaves countless messages on her voicemail begging her to come home. But it’s not just the prospect of possibly losing his girlfriend that has him worried as he’s also concerned that Tina may have decided not to testify against Gary in court.

Eileen quizzes Paula about Julie’s father, but Paula is evasive and she’s relieved when Eileen eventually has to give up her probing when she gets a call from Todd. It’s clear that Paula is hiding something though.

Also, Tony and Luke call an uneasy truce and Tony offers to let Luke rent one of the flats at Victoria Court; Ben takes Sophie to listen to Ryan’s band at the church youth centre and Kevin and Sally are tempted to give up on their Lent alcohol ban.