Ian is feeling down on Father’s Day without Lucy or Peter around. When Steven tries to make a touching father-son gesture, he’s left feeling rejected by Ian’s lack of enthusiasm. Later, at the Vic, Steven feels even more pushed aside after an awkward conversation with Ted about Louie.

Meanwhile, Abi is put out when Max invites Lauren to join them at the café. When Lauren teams up with Jack for a Father’s Day surprise for Max, Abi is even more put out and she storms off. Finding a miserable Steven outside, Abi tries to be supportive. But her bitterness towards Lauren bursts out and she tells Steven about Lauren’s abortion!

Kush has the day with Arthur and Lily ends up finding out about Stacey’s pregnancy. When Lily accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, everyone is happy for them and they celebrate the news in the Vic.

Also, Sharon is worried about Louise’s mood and decides to find out what happened. Ted and Joyce are upset when their daughter Judith cancels her visit.