Steven has a revelation

Dawn rejects a call from Stacey. Meanwhile, scheming Clare tells Dot her ‘feelings’ for Bradley and a thoughtful Dot counsels Bradley to stay clear of Stacey. Christian is curious when Steven puts on a show of affection with Stacey and he later confronts him in R&R. Steven is livid with Christian for his interference and angrily confronts him outside the club. Their eyes lock and Steven moves in for a passionate snog…

Dawn worries about the barmaid competition and has another dress disaster when Gus is sick on her. Meanwhile, Roxy wonders how she can nobble her rival. Mickey buys a grateful Dawn a new dress. She battles it out with Roxy in front of the judges when they are tasked with making a cocktail. Sean has a word with organiser Alan and Roxy is the surprise winner.

Jack is disappointed when Ronnie claims she’s too busy to say goodbye to Penny. Tanya offers to look after Penny for the day and cook a farewell meal. Penny confesses to Tanya that she hates living in France and a caring Tanya brings the subject up with Jack. Tanya is impressed with how Jack handles the situation.

Also, Pat and Ricky set up a cab company; Heather faces a weigh-in.

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