Steven kisses Stacey!

Stacey starts making a dress of her own design in preparation for her art college interview. Stacey ropes Steven into being her model, but when Christian walks in on Steven wearing the dress he thinks it’s hilarious. A touchy Stacey thinks Christian is mocking her design. Steven comforts Stacey and moves in for a kiss… Tanya tells the girls that Max is moving back in and Abi is delighted, while Lauren is surprised. Sean is still feeling bad about Tanya’s plan as he can’t bear to see Max living in the same house as her. Tanya approaches Max again and makes sure that he’s still on for signing all his assets over to her. Shirley agrees to help Ben with a papier mache art project for school when Phil proves to be useless. Ben plays a trick on Shirley and Phil and locks them in the living room together, hoping that it will spark some romance! Phil and Shirley have a papier mache fight and Shirley goes to clean herself off in the shower. But Shirley seems freaked after her shower and when Phil invites her to stay for pizza, she makes a hasty exit. Also, Clare continues to flirt with a flummoxed Ian. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action