Steven plans to abduct Lucy

Steven is keeping Lucy at a grotty caravan park and he tells an unnerved Lucy that he is taking her to start a new life in France. Steven returns to Albert Square to retrieve Lucy’s passport and he packs it in a bag and goes up to her room to get her clothes. Pat walks in on Steven and demands to know what’s going on. Steven bolts and Pat gives chase, but is run over by a speeding Roxy…

Sean installs himself in the portacabin and Mickey ends up with a black eye when he and Darren try to force him to leave. Jase confronts Sean and tells him to leave the Millers alone. Sean is furious and Jase realises that he’s made a new enemy.

Bianca wants to get a job, but she has no luck at Booty. Bianca even tries asking arch enemy Zainab for a job at the post office, but an incredulous Zainab turns her down flat. Bianca also fails to get a job at the Vic, but she finds herself unexpectedly looking after the cafe when a distracted Steven leaves her to it!

Also, Ben passes his tap dancing exam with flying colours; Liam bunks off school.

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