Steven puts his plan into action to keep an eye on Lauren through the spy-cam phone charger. Meanwhile, Abi is still determined to win Steven from Lauren, telling him to forget about Lauren because he can have her instead. Insisting Lauren is the one he wants, Steven gets Abi to back off. Later, he spies on Lauren and catches Josh inviting her for a drink.

Robbie is on the hunt for Dot’s cat Dave, who has gone missing. Meanwhile, Sonia heads to Bex’s school for a meeting with her teacher, Mr Pryce. Sonia updates Mr Pryce when he checks on Bex’s progress, while he suggests Bex take part in the showcase.

Also, Max takes Carmel for a drink at The Vic. What is he up to? Is Carmel the latest victim of his revenge plan? Meanwhile, Louise is put out to discover that Alexandra is taking her place in the showcase.