Steven proposes to Lauren!

Lauren is in shock when Steven gets down on one knee in the Queen Vic.

Lauren is stunned by Steven’s request to adopt Louie, trying to put him off by pointing out that Peter would have to get involved. Determined to push things through one way or another, he then tells Lauren he’s going to apply for Parental Responsibility of Louie.

The Beales head to The Vic for a drink after Steven calls a family meeting. While a smug Abi is certain that Steven is about to out Lauren’s dalliance with Josh in front of everyone, Steven has other plans… Lauren is horrified when Steven drops down onto one knee and proposes! What will she say?

Bex is still reeling from recent events, despite Sonia’s attempt to get through to her. Also, Mick is uncomfortable when Fi has words with him about Shirley, telling him that Shirley’s been helping herself to booze… and scaring the customers away! Will he have to fire his own mum?

Also, Kush is gutted when Vincent says the holiday may be off – his mate in Spain has sold his villa.